Every year without fail, some Dallas news outlet runs an investigative report about a home-improvement project that turned into a nightmare because the so-called “professionals” hired to perform the work turned out to be shady or, at best, unreliable. If you’re thinking about a remodeling project, you may well be wondering how to protect yourself from unscrupulous or inept remodeling contractors. The truth is that trustworthy home redesign professionals far outnumber the bad ones, but it doesn’t hurt to be well armed with some helpful guidelines before you sign on the dotted line. Here are a few tips for finding reliable Dallas remodeling contractors for your home improvement project.


  • If possible, go with a recommendation. Ask your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about any remodeling they have undertaken. If they were happy with the Dallas remodeling contractors who performed the work, chances are you will be, too. It’s even better if you can use a company with whom you’ve personally had experience.


  • Look for a state license and check up on it. If the company has had several registered complaints recently (past three to five years), find another Dallas remodeling contractor to handle your remodeling project.


  • Ask how long the Dallas remodeling contractors have been in business. Longevity and experience don’t always equate to quality, but unreliable or disreputable companies tend to have a shorter life span. Many businesses change names over the course of their existence; if the contractors have been doing business in Dallas under the same name for a decade or more, it’s often a good sign.


  • Learn about their insurance coverage. Requirements vary by state, but reputable Dallas remodeling contractors will have, at minimum, liability and property damage coverage. Worker’s compensation coverage is a bonus – it demonstrates concern for the safety and health of the crew. It should go without saying, but if the contractor shows any hesitation or indirect replies on the subject of insurance, look for someone else to handle your remodeling.


  • Look for several positive references within recent history. Definitely check the firm’s references before you contract with a firm. Good Dallas remodeling contractors will have at least five positive references. Avoid any firm with negative or less than enthusiastic reviews. You can also usually find reviews online, but be aware that people who post ratings online tend to have very strong feelings, both positive and negative.


The final consideration you’ll want to bear in mind when looking for reliable Dallas remodeling contractors is whether the scope of your remodeling project is within their capabilities. Always ask your potential contractors about the kinds of work they’ve done, and if their experience in your intended project is limited, find another company.

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