It is time to replace your air conditioning system if it is older than 10 years. It probably has a SEER of 6 which is inadequate when compared to the minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13 which is required today. An energy efficient system which uses all of the latest cooling technology will cool your home better and with less expense. Air Conditioning in Mobile AL is provided by many quality contractors.

An engineer from one of the Air Conditioning in Mobile AL companies can provide all of the information to recommend the size of the unit you need to buy. He will also recommend the SEER rating for your new unit. He may recommend the purchase of a unit with a higher SEER than 13 if he believes this is the system your home needs.

You should not purchase an A/C unit that is over-sized or under-sized for your home. Poor performance will be the result of both systems. An engineer from Air Conditioning in Mobile AL to analyze your home and the lot it is on to determine the size A/C unit you need. The sizes range from 1.5 to 5 ton systems.

A thorough study of your home made by the engineer is necessary before you purchase a unit. The considerations begin with the construction of your home including how much insulation is in the walls and the attic. The windows are important in protecting your home from the heat of the sun. Single pane windows will provide no reflectivity. Other windows that meet the Energy Star ratings are the best to help keep your home cool.

If the home faces west, then it will heat up faster in the afternoon and will require more energy to cool the home. The engineer will understand this. The window and door frames should be sealed with caulking, and weather stripping is important also. The number, size and location of shade trees will be an important consideration. Shade trees which cast a shadow on the home will lower the interior temperature by 10 degrees.

Armed with this information, the A/C Contractor in Corona CA can recommend the best A/C for your home. You might consider having a programmable thermostat installed so you can save energy by not using the A/C when you are not at home. The thermostat can be programmed to turn the air on just before you arrive home.