Discerning home buyers have an eye out for every little detail that they feel will make your house less desirable, or worse drive the value of your home down. Here are just a few reasons a good house painting should be a priority when selling your home:

* Taste: If you have distinct colours on your walls you absolutely love it is hard to imagine anyone might not share your appreciation. However colour is a very personal thing and when selling your home it is important that potential buyers are allowed to see the beauty of your home and all of its features instead of focusing on a startling bright lime green wall. A house painting will neutralize your home’s palette providing a clean slate that will allow buyers to see the positive features of the home instead of the colours they might find distasteful.

* Space and Light: Colour can play tricks with the eye. In the case of darker and bolder colours this can often work against a space making it appear smaller and dark. A house painting can provide a neutral, brighter colour that will make the rooms in your home appear bigger. It will also brighten the rooms and make natural light appear more abundant.

* Imperfections: You have lived in the same space for a while now and might be oblivious to some of the finer details that are making your home look old and worn. Perfect examples of wear and tear are baseboards, the corners of walls and areas near entryways and along the stairs that are constantly exposed to daily life. Although you might not notice these imperfections potential home buyers will. A nice fresh paint job on baseboards and trim around doors and windows will make your home look newer and well cared for instead of shabby and neglected.

* Doors: A fresh coat of white paint on the doors throughout your home will make everything appear new and open. Doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear especially around the door knobs. Fresh paint will bring them back to life and make it look like you had new doors installed.

You can also take a look at your front door and add a little more curb appeal by painting garage doors, window trim and any other decorative details. Fresh paint will help you sell your home for the price you want.