Houston has a robust economy, great weather, and many other positive factors that make it the perfect place to buy a home and raise a family. Much of the soil in the Houston area contains expansive clays that swell and expand during wet and rainy periods. Experiencing periods of drought followed by periods of torrential rains are when the problems make themselves known. That is why trouble with the foundation of a home can happen over time if the structure was not initially built on piers. Foundation issues in Houston could not be more obvious than on slab foundations, and you will begin to see cracking and areas that are raised or dropped from level.

Piling System Repairs

No matter what your foundation issues in Houston are, they will need to be repaired quickly to avoid extensive damage to the structure. There is no shortage of piling repair solutions available, but many do not offer anything more than a quick fix. You will have to make expensive adjustments periodically to keep the foundation healthy. This is due to the fact that the piling systems are not connected. They are separate and will begin to fail as the original foundation did. They’re only stable for as long as the supporting soil remains stable. It leaves you sailing in the same boat looking for a real fix with less money.

Dura Pier Dura Lock Foundation Repair

The installation of Dura Lock pilings is a much more permanent solution to stabilize a foundation that is lacking pier support. It is placed as deep as necessary to provide permanent support, and each section is attached using a 5/8-inch corrosive resistant bolt. It will stay put and offer the solution you have been looking for. There’ll be no need to revisit the repair due to shifting and drifting of stand-alone piling units. Using this repair system resolves nearly all foundation issues in Houston, and you will save a lot of money since it will not have to redone every few years.

Purchasing and owning a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make. It’s not reasonable to expect every homeowner to be a soil expert, so foundation issues in Houston often catch people by surprise. There are more than enough choices out there, but make sure you find a durable solution. What may seem cheaper initially can cost you more in the long run due to constantly having to adjust the foundation repair pilings. Over time, this can easily add thousands to the repair. It’s impossible to change the soil and hard to predict weather patterns, so foundation issues in Houston can happen. Still, you can feel more confident knowing there’s a permanent foundation repair that can be done with Dura Pier Dura Lock. You can also visit their Google+ profile.