You’re finally overhauling your kitchen. You have decided on every detail except for what type of wood you’ll use for the cabinet doors. Solid wood is what’s been used for centuries, but many cabinetmakers caution against using it for your door panels because it will expand and contract seasonally. The change in humidity in your house, if not controlled, will cause unsightly gaps between the panel and the frame. The solution many cabinetmakers give is to use MDF door panels. When painting a solid wood door panel, you run the risk of highlighting any imperfections that would not be seen if MDF door panels were used.

About MDF And MDF Door Panels

MDF panels are often cabinetmakers go-to material because in many cases it’s more reliable than wood. MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is machine-pressed recycled wood fibers and resin. This process leaves MDF paneling with no visible grain, producing a very uniform clean look when painted.   Wood paneling that has been painted often shows hairline cracks when the wood expands or contracts do to humidity.

Another benefit to using MDF door panels is they are fully customizable. Unlike wood, MDF can be sized and customized to your specific design needs. MDF can be cut by computer-operated machinery for maximum efficiency and accuracy. This efficiency allows for cabinetmakers and custom MDF companies to build paneling in sizes often too large for projects such as bead paneling and wainscot paneling.

Don’t Even Think About Using Wood Here

Cabinetmakers have been known to build cabinets out of wood and use MDF for the panels because it doesn’t expand or contract in humidity. Because humidity plays such a large role in the decision between woof and MDF, wood is almost never recommended in bathrooms.
On the other hand, many people would argue that the problem with MDF as a building material is that it does not stand up to water well enough. This is a common misconception and usually the result of the material not being properly sealed.

Whatever You Do, Go With A Professional

Finding a company to do custom doors and cabinetry can be overwhelming. The information and ongoing debate between these two materials seems to be endless, so prepare yourself for a bit of research and arguments from both sides. The best advice is to find a quality company and have them come out to your home, office, bathroom, etc. and tell you what they think is best.

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