Hanging a beautiful lamp right outside your door can really light up the garden. When lit at night, the lamp will provide a gorgeous outlook, illuminating the garden and highlighting the front of your house. When turned on in the night, the lamp will create a gorgeous kaleidoscope of shadows and silhouettes. If you enjoy sitting out in the garden at night, the hanging lantern will provide a beautiful, gentle light. Hanging lanterns are very different from conventional lanterns. You can hang one out on your porch in order to spread the light in all directions.

An important thing that you must keep in mind when hanging a lantern is to keep it covered. In case of rains, the lantern may get damaged if hung under the open sky. The lantern must be connected to a power supply. Due to the rains, there is a serious chance of a short circuit. However, most people have stopped buying lanterns that need to be connected to a power circuit. Instead, many people buy solar hanging lanterns outdoor. Solar lanterns generate energy from the rays of the sun. They have a separate battery and a solar panel on top, which stores the energy during the day. By the time the sun sets the battery is fully charged. All you have to do next is to turn on the light. Solar hanging lanterns outdoor are an excellent option when compared with conventional electrical lanterns.

For starters, solar lanterns do not contribute to your electricity bill. It’s a one-time expense: all you have to do is install them and then leave them be. The solar light does not need to be connected to the power grid at all. The battery will charge independently and will power the light on its own. Every now and then, you may have to change the bulb, but that’s the only other expense.


Solar lanterns come in many shapes and sizes. Because of their design, hanging lanterns are usually very lightweight. While the design of the lantern can vary, almost every lantern is fitted with an LED lamp. There’s also a NiCad battery that can easily last for years. When you go out to buy the lantern, look through many different options and choose one that fits the outlook of your garden.

Hanging the Lantern

The lantern comes with a separate hook, which you can attach to any ceiling. Obviously, you will have to hang another hook in the ceiling for the lantern. However, make sure that you hang the lantern in a place where the sun shines brightly. This will allow the battery to recharge much quickly and last for a longer period of time. Visit here for more information.