Miami is a city unlike any other on the planet. It is an urban metropolis built on some of the most gorgeous natural terrain on the planet. Considering the abundance of beauty in Miami, it makes sense to enjoy it to the fullest. If you own property in Miami, nothing spruces up your line of sight like a well-made awning. Awnings in Miami are extremely common. Given the intense heat and scorching sun, it makes sense to have an awning if you don’t have one already.

What Is an Awning?

An awning, despite the fancy name, is really just man-made shade. While we often think of huge, sweeping palm fronds along the beach when we think of shade, modern luxury has made it possible to enjoy wherever it’s desired. A proper awning is often nothing more than a patterned or colored tarp that hangs over the front of a business or building. Awnings can be constructed of wooden frames and tarp, or they can feature metallic, robotically-controlled retractable frames. The varying types of awnings mean cost is completely manageable.

When to Buy an Awning

A big part of shade is dependent on geography. If you own a location that faces the north or south and no lateral viewpoints, an awning isn’t as necessary. Considering the sun rises and sets in the east and west respectively, it makes more sense to buy an awning if your location faces the sun’s rise or fall. This will aid in reducing glare and heat, especially in the summer months. Temperatures easily reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, but an awning can drastically cut down on the heat with careful placement.

Aside from considering geographical placement, it’s also vital to consider the practicality of an awning. If you live in an inland house with natural shade, awnings aren’t as necessary, especially if you spend most of your time inside. However, if you want to build a nice patio or beachfront porch, an awning is a must. Commercial properties should always consider building an awning because it can be designed to fit a business’ aesthetic. A well-made awning also reflects more of a naturalistic look.

What Type of Awning to Buy

When buying an awning, consider your needs. If you don’t need an awning all the time, consider a retractable awning. With heavy rains and high winds, a permanently built awning can become more of an obstacle. A retractable awning offers the most versatility, but it will also be costly to implement. Also, keep in mind that a mechanically operated awning will require occasional upkeep to ensure its processes are fully functional.

Overall, it’s important to keep an open mind when considering investing in an awning.