At one time, it was relatively easy to keep one’s activities entirely private since anybody wishing to spy on another person had to physically follow that person about and, to be effective, follow them without their knowledge that they were being followed. Mankind’s ingenuity has changed all that.

Big Brother Can Now Watch You And He Does

Video cameras, computers and wireless connectivity have all combined so as to allow anyone to watch places from afar and see who is doing what there at any time of the day or night. How people feel about this somewhat depends upon the attitude of those both doing the looking and those whose activities are being looked at.

Is It Spying And Invasion Of Privacy?

Take the case of someone who has a bed ridden or physically handicapped relative living with them. At some time; the fit person has to leave the house –maybe for several hours (such as to go to work each day). It is more than likely that they cannot afford a full time caregiver to watch over the one who has to remain at home. But, if they install a constantly monitored home surveillance system; there will be a human watching over the relative and ready to take any action that might be required in the event of an emergency. That is not spying; it is good caring for another’s welfare.

Retail establishments present a more controversial aspect since a camera set up in a shop is watching everybody who passes by; but, considering that it is estimated that some 33 billion dollars are being lost each year to both shoplifters and employee theft; can the innocent really object to attempts to catch the guilty? Additionally, it is believed that businesses are four times more likely to suffer theft than private homes; yet we have no problem over having security cameras in our houses. Logically, if we harbor no ill intent while at a store; why should we object to be being watched?

Most Surveillance Is For Our Own Protection

Yes, the people of Chicago are being increasingly watched in an ever growing number of places (both public and private).Maybe this is a sad comment on the state of our current society that the majority have to keep their eyes open 24/7 simply to protect themselves from the bad intentions of the minority; but, at least, we do have the tools to do so.

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