Do you know that Charlotte is one out of the many cities in the US that receive rainfall all year round? Well, this might be good news for some people but for other homeowners, those haven’t waterproofed their home, it is a pain in the neck. That’s because the humidity in the atmosphere makes the walls of their house moist. Not only this, the basement is the portion of a house that is most affected by the moist atmosphere and continual rain, therefore, basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC is considered essential. In order to inform the homeowners, we have stated three facts about basement waterproofing that every homeowner must know.

1. Basement Waterproofing Increases the Value of Your Home

If you live in Charlotte and haven’t waterproofed your basement let alone your whole home then it means that the value of your house is declining at the rate of 15% on an annual basis! Your home is your biggest investment so you should get serious about it. You can avail the services of Dry Otter Waterproofing who would waterproof your entire home as well as seal the crawl space all at a reasonable price.

2. Basement Waterproofing in Charlotte, NC is Affordable

Most people mistakenly think that waterproofing their basement and their home is a laborious and expensive task. We would like to inform you here that you can waterproof your basement and utilize it as a room at a low price than you might think. To get a free estimate you can contact us at 704-966-1771 or drop us an email at

3. Neglecting Basement Waterproofing Can Adversely Affect Your Health

As a homeowner, you must consider it a sin to neglect the basement waterproofing issue. If you notice that your basement is moist you must immediately call Dry Otter Waterproofing. They are trained to deal with these issues. They have been providing their professional waterproofing services for the past two decades.

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