Honeybee swarming is whereby a large number of bees consisting of the queen bee and the worker bees migrate to find a less crowded area leaving other bees in the original location. They are usually in groups of thousands with half of the worker bees migrating to a new place with the queen. Most of the times, when swarming, the bees are usually just resting from an exhaustive journey and are rarely harmless unless disturbed. Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH is a common occurrence, and people should not freak out once they see a bee swarm.

Swarming mostly happens during spring and early summer. So why do bees swarm? The queen bee starts laying eggs so as to increase the population. During winter the queen bee has a small number of bees approximately 10,000, but during spring there is a need to increase the population.

Spring is when the bees are in large numbers so as to ensure that they collect nectar and transport it back to the hive. The nectar is then turned into honey which is stored in anticipation for winter. It is during this time that the worker bees analyze the storage and see that it may be too small and that is when they decide some of them to migrate.

The worker bees will then induce the queen bee to lay eggs in cells. The egg transforms into a larva which then creates a new queen bee. That is when the migration starts. Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH is commonly evident as they rest in anticipation of searching for a new place to create a bee hive. Once people notice a swarm of bees near their houses, they make emergency calls for pest control to come and remove them. However, honey bees do not stay for long. They stay for a day or two and then resume their journey.

For safety purposes, if one is too scared to leave the swarm alone, it is advisable to check on the available beekeepers in the locality. Beekeepers will always drive the bees into their hives. For more of these options on beekeepers who drive away the swarms Check out our website.