Finding unwanted critters at your home can be disturbing. Bats can be particularly worrisome because there are so many myths about them. For instance, everyone has heard that bats suck blood. However, there are a thousand species of bats, and only three are vampire bats.

Bats Easily Get Into Your Space

Bats do not like extreme temperatures and hibernate in winter. To that end, they prefer warm enclosed structures.

How do they get in your house? They easily fly in through cracks in shingles and through ventilation systems. They prefer attics because they are warm and secluded spaces. In addition, they like to nest in chimneys.

Bats Can Be Dangerous

Those with a problem may need Bat Removal in Dublin OH. That is because bats are not the best guests. Only one percent of bats carry rabies, but precautions should still be taken.

Keep a safe distance from the bat because rabies is transmitted through contact. If rabies is suspected, call for help right away. Anyone having contact with a suspected rabid bat should seek medical attention.

Droppings or guano are one way to detect the presence of bats. Guano looks like tiny pellets and turns to dust upon contact. The droppings have a foul odor and can stain floors, ceilings, and walls.

In addition, a dangerous fungus can be found in accumulations of guano. The fungus causes severe respiratory problems for humans.

Consult With A Removal Company

Wildlife removal experts should handle Bat Removal in Dublin OH. They are experts at using the exclusion method. Special nets and steel mesh are used to block off the bats’ entry and exit points. Eventually, they will have no choice but to leave.

Investigate Natural Repellents

There are a couple of ways to keep bats away. First, sprinkle an ample amount of moth balls in the attic. Bats do not like the smell and will stay away. Additionally, peppermint, ammonia and cinnamon work as repellents.

Alternatively, install bright lights in areas susceptible to an invasion. Bats are nocturnal and prefer dark spaces. Remember do not try to catch bats yourself. Professionals advise, “contact us immediately.”