A bathroom feature known as a bidet is relatively common in Europe but has never really caught on in North America. Some homeowners find the concept of this feature intriguing; perhaps they have spent time abroad and became accustomed to using one. During Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha, the contractor can install one of these devices, or the homeowners can complete the project as a do-it-yourself task.

The Function of a Bidet

The subject of the bathroom toilet may be a delicate and awkward one, but it can’t be avoided when considering substantial remodeling of this room. A bidet from a supplier such as Kitchens and Baths by Briggs sends a stream of water to the person’s bottom after the toilet is used. This allows for a more thorough and easier cleanup than would otherwise be the case.

Better Hygiene

This appears to be a more hygienic way of cleaning oneself than the standard American way of only using dry toilet paper. All a person has to consider is how he or she normally cleans part of the body that has become dirty. A paper towel or washrag would be moistened before doing so. Just running water and applying soap to dirty hands is certainly more effective than trying to clean the hands with a dry towel.

Many people have resorted to using sanitary wipes, but that requires remembering to buy them regularly. Also, although some labeling of some products state that they are flushable, managers of wastewater treatment systems implore people not to do this. The wipes can plug up screens at the plant and cause disruptive problems.

Less Paper

Even though some toilet paper is needed for drying, less paper is generally used with this system. This is especially appealing to people whose home has a septic tank. The tank can begin filling up with toilet paper when a large amount is used by the household residents and their guests.

People who use a bidet regularly may wonder how anyone feels clean without this bathroom feature. Those who want the device in their home may have it installed during Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha. It can be placed in the master bath only, or in all the bathrooms.