The most popular remodel areas of the home are the bathroom and kitchen. When buying a previously occupied home, homeowners may elect a new look contrasting to the existing design. Kitchen design is complex and designs are drafted to meet the current need, personality, and visual taste of the current occupants. People change and so do kitchens. Browse the showroom of The Kitchen Store to visualize and create your ideal kitchen design in West Chester, PA.

The numerous components of your kitchen allows for a multitude of ideas and avenues for your kitchen design project. Draft out your ideal cabinetry, countertops, layout, lighting, and even hardware.


Whether you choose to reface, paint, or replace existing cabinets, you can be as modern or conservative as you wish. Refacing cabinets creates the illusion of a complete kitchen overhaul and appeals to those with limited budgets. Painting existing cabinets is also a way to avoid replacement and save time as well as money. Use paint to lighten the room or let your bright, explosive personality erupt. Lastly, you can do a complete remodel of your existing cabinetry and install a brand new look. A new install allows you to change the appearance and layout at the same time.


There are wide variety of countertops to choose from. Step outside the popular granite material and explore functional and bold options. From tile to concrete, there are a wide range of colors, textures, and looks to choose from.


Many families elect to change their existing layout and increase functionality and storage with the addition of a kitchen island. Kitchen islands add preparation space, additional storage, and create a new look by altering the layout. You can elect to further spruce up the kitchen by applying a non-traditional countertop to the island. Select a wooden countertop to replace cutting boards or a tile mosaic to up the visual aesthetic.


Whether hanging or recessed, kitchen lighting can change the feel and look of the eating and cooking space. Do not count out those small changes to lighting and hardware. The small details tie into the complexity of constructing a new kitchen area.

Have fun while exploring and visualizing all your options for your Kitchen design in West Chester, PA.