Glass doors have many perks. They let in a tremendous amount of natural light and allow you to keep an eye on your kids while they play outside. However, if you’ve owned the same sliding glass door for years, it may be time to replace it. Here are some of the key signs you should look out for when debating whether or not to get a new door.

1. The Door Sticks

Your door may not slide as easily anymore. This could be a sign that your door is getting old.

2. Your Door is Letting in a Draft

Perhaps, your door isn’t keeping your house insulated. Don’t continue to waste all that energy. Instead, keep your house the right temperature all year with a new door.

3. The Glass is Foggy

No matter how many times you try to clean that door, it fails to shine like it once did. This can mean that an excess amount of moisture has permeated through the glass. No amount of polishing can fix this issue.

4. You Can See Hairline Cracks

If you can spot cracks, even hairline fractures, avoid the hassle of your glass door breaking apart on you. Better safe than sorry, so contact a professional to replace it for you.

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