If you’re looking for a simple way to change the look of your kitchen, then start with the cabinet doors. Here are a few designs to consider that are a bit different but that can work well in almost any home.


One of the first details that you can change on kitchen cabinetry doors that can completely change the look of them is the hardware. Try changing the color of the hardware, the shape, or the direction the handles are on the doors.

Brighter Can be Better

Instead of white and other neutral colors, don’t be afraid to use bright shades on kitchen cabinetry doors. If you don’t want the entire room lit up with bright colors, then paint either the top or bottom ones so that there is a balance of color in the room. Yellow, teal, and green are popular colors to consider and often blend well with almost any other color that you want to use.

Mix of Ideas

Another fun design to consider is mixing colors on your cabinets. This idea tends to work better if you have a modern kitchen and several cabinets in the room. You’ll paint some of the cabinets white or another neutral shade before painting the other cabinets using one or two different colors. Try to use colors that pair well together, such as blue and green or pink and brown. The colors used should also complement the other decorations that are in the room so that there is a nice flow from one side to the other.

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