It’s always exciting for a homeowner to add on to the home or install a swimming pool. However, as they make these improvements, they have to be aware of any changes to their drainage patterns. Drainage is the way that water flows on top of the ground and below it. Any physical changes on a site can alter drainage patterns. While a person may change the drainage on their land, local building codes prohibit them from changing any drainage patterns affecting other people’s land. It can be just as detrimental to reduce the flow of water on a site as it is to add to it. Therefore, hiring a professional drainage contractor in Tacoma, WA is a smart strategy.

The contractor begins with a topographic survey of the area to determine the surface drainage patterns. They will also consider any streams or water bodies. If necessary, they may also take soil samples to determine how the density of the soil affects the amount of water that runs through it. Drainage should always run away from buildings and paved surfaces. If the water runs toward these structures, it can create pressure that can damage a foundation or pavement. Sometimes, the density of the soil does not permit water to drain at the proper rate, even if the land slopes in the correct direction. If this is the case, the drainage contractor in Tacoma, WA can install drainage pipes to carry the water to an appropriate location.

The contractor can use a naturally occurring swale to contain the drainage. He can also plant vegetation that requires a lot of water. This is a natural way to dry out damp spaces. This minimizes pests such as mosquitoes that are attracted to wet areas. However, sometimes the amount of drainage requires the drainage contractor in Tacoma, WA to construct a special retention pond. These can be incorporated into the overall landscape plan.

Landscapers can give them natural shapes with gentle slopes. Large boulders or fences can be placed around the edge to prevent people from accidentally falling in. A water fountain can also be placed in the center of drainage pond to make it an attractive focal point.