We all could do with being a little more eco-friendly and the roofing companies in Twin Cities are a good start. If you are planning for a new roof why not consider the options that are friendlier to the nature. While making selecting your roof materials consider sustainability options. A long lasting material will require lesser infrequent demolition waste. A lighter colored roof will reflect the heat and aid in keeping your house cooler and a recyclable material can be reused after its lifespan.

Green Shingle options with roofing companies in Twin Cities

A 15-20 years lifespan of Asphalt shingles mean higher and frequent waste and the least-green roofing choice. If shingle is your choice for roofing, consider a 50 year composition asphalt shingle. They are not greener compared to lower life span types but they stay on the house longer thus generating lesser waster.

Recycled synthetic shingles are another option if you are looking for a wood shake look. These shingles are made from plastic or rubber mixed with wood. They are light-weight, UV and fire resistant and durable. They are made from recycled materials but once the plastic and wood mix is fused together they cannot be recycled.

Green tile options with roofing companies in Twin Cities

Concrete or cement tiles are extremely heavy and even though they are durable, fire and insect resistant, their environment manufacturing cost is much higher. They require more support structure and are expensive to ship. Consider fiber-cement composite tiles instead if tiled roof is your choice. Talk to roofing companies in Twin Cities regarding the easy availability and cost of these tiles.

Clay tiles look great and come in various colors but are extremely heavy and require a complex support structure. Clay tiles are extremely durable; they are non-leaching and are good for water collection. If your local roofing company supports clay tiles, they are your greenest option.

Slate tiles are expensive and very heavy but are completely sustainable, easily recyclable and easily repairable.

Green metal options with roofing companies in Twin Cities

Metal roofs are extremely durable, light weight and fire resistant. Because of light weight the shipping costs are low. This roof is also easy to install and is made largely from recycled material. When you replace a metal roof, the material can be recycled over and over again. However, there are numerous discussions about the cleanliness of the storm water run-off from roof tops. Various studies indicate that the higher amount of Zinc and other metals present in the landscape is due to the metal roof toxicity level.

Solar roof shingles and photovoltaic cells are excellent choices to conserve energy especially if your house has an un-shaded south facing roof. Discuss this option with your local roofing companies in Twin Cities.