Redesigning your Bathroom

Redesigning your Bathroom

Today, the bathroom is an integral part of anyhousehold and itno longer exists as just a utilitarian space to do your chores; it has now almost taken the shape of a spa, a center for relaxation, rejuvenation and leisure,reflecting the personality and tastes of its master!

There is a wide-list of designs one could begin with for their bathroom. Here are some handy suggestions –

  • Try your hand at niche designs with soap dishes, medicine compartments or toilet paper holders that bring an ethnic feel to it.
  • Even though wood floors are not ideal for bathrooms, you can always innovate to suit your preferences. To ensure durability, pick well stained and sealed wood floorings. Besides, they also introduce a remarkable personality to your bathroom.
  • There is a wide selection of colors to pick from when we talk about bathrooms. Besides the basic blues, try opting for a more exotic range. They add up to that sporty aura that a bathroom emits. If you need your bathroom to appear more specious opt for colors between the cream-to-white scales.
  • Improvisation with lightings in your bathroom is always welcome. Preferably lightings in bathrooms are bright in order to check their body, hair and face. But you can go a step further and add a few dim lights to support your moods. They always come to your rescue when you seek calm, late-night soothing baths.
  • Hooks are them most common aspects in a bathroom. As they are the perfect example of surface area, go ahead and decorate the bathroom with them. They are the most versatile of objects in bathrooms as they handle anything from towels to clothes etc.
  • The primary use for placing mirrors in your bathroom is for make-up or hair styling purposes. But if you take it a step further, they can well be used for adding that extra spark to your bathroom. They help in adding brightness to and expanding the visuals of a bathroom.

Redesigning and innovating styles for your bathrooms is an on-going process. Try out different methods to make your bathroom look vibrant.

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