Table lamps are the most commonly used form of home lighting. They are ideal not only for school and college going children but also for your reading of novels, carrying out writing work of your office and even for having a peep into your clock in the middle of night. Though mostly used at night time, table lamps also provide decor to you room. They are specifically meant for use on table, but have gradually evolved from simple to more stylish designs. New designs of table lamps come with exciting features to serve specific functions and add to room décor. Certain types of table lamps can be used for optimum lighting on specific surface. To add to elegance, table lamps are covered with beautiful designs of lampshades, which are decorated with paintings, shells, beads, and embroidery and glass pieces.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps come in different heights and sizes with several forms and finishes either painted or plated.

Selection of a table lamp is decided by the purpose for which it is intended. If it is to be used for decoration alone, then you should select a table lamp complementary to you room and furnishing. Traditional table lamps are best suited for an elegantly designed room in your home. These table lamps create relaxed and romantic ambience with their soft, dim and sensual light.

Although you will find several traditional table lamps in designs and styles, those finished in antique gold, marble, bronze and brass are more popular. Finish of the lampshade decides price of the table lamp. On an average a table lamp is priced between 100 to 150 dollars, depending on material and intricacy of design. Table lamps made with etched metal or hand-carved wood are priced higher.

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