Interceramic is a ceramic tile manufacturing company that was founded in Mexico in 1979. With a vision of providing the highest-quality ceramic tile available, Interceramic set out to transform the ceramic tile industry. However, more than that, Interceramicalso saw itself as capable of having an impact on the communities where it is involved. Since that time, it has become the world leader in ceramic tile production, averaging more than 450 million square feet of tile production per year.

Interceramic Tile

Interceramic has also been at the forefront of “green” manufacturing practices with its commitment to sustainability awareness, recycling efforts and community involvement. Interceramic has led the tile production industry with this commitment, understanding that it is part of a greater whole. For example, 100% of the water used in tile production is recycled. Interceramic also recycles 100% of their unfired tiles and 90% of their fired scrap. Even 15% of the heat from the kilns at Interceramic is reused.

In addition to reclamation through recycling, Interceramic shows its respect for the earth by utilizing naturally occurring clays and minerals in all of their tile manufacturing. Interceramic is adept at showcasing the Earth’s beauty in their ceramic tiles, which feature natural tones and textures to bring style and elegance into any setting. In addition, natural gas, one of the most efficient forms of energy used today, is used at all Interceramic production sites for the combustion of kilns, dryers, and forklifts.

The high durability of Interceramic tile also has a positive environmental impact. Interceramic floors will last throughout the lifetime of your home, reducing renovation waste and the production impact that is required for new flooring. Interceramic tile can be cleaned with water-based materials, so there is no need to introduce chemical solvents or cleaners into the home. Ceramic tile is also eco-friendly because it prevents mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial growth when cleaned regularly.

It isn’t often that one finds a company that is successful, committed to excellence and environmentally conscious at the same time. Interceramic appears to merge these three qualities seamlessly. When you purchase any Interceramic tile or natural stone, you can be certain that you are purchasing the highest-quality product available on the market today. These products have been manufactured by a highly successful company that cares about its community and the planet we all share. (a division of Broadway Floors) was founded in 2004, and customer feedback has guided our business plan since day one. Our company started out in a 10×14 room with one phone line. Today, we process several hundred orders every month out of a 20,000 square-foot facility with a talented team of employees. We sell top-quality, premium flooring, including Interceramic tile, at a 50-75% discount to you.