Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Middletown NY if you or your loved ones have experienced a work related illness or injury. Workers compensation is an insurance program to provide compensation benefits to employees who have suffered work related illnesses or injuries. This is a sate mandated program and the law varies with each state. Federal employees have a Federal worker’s compensation program. Workman’s comp coverage is for every employee with some exemptions like, for smaller companies, domestic workers and independent contractors.

Understand Eligibility With A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Middletown, NY

It is recommended to get the assistance of a lawyer or state board agencies to determine your eligibility for worker’s compensation.

The general conditions that are looked at to determine the eligibility is that the work related injury or illness was not a result of willful or serious misconduct on your part and it has to be caused when you are or were employed with the employer you are filing the claim against. If these criteria are not met, your claim can be disqualified and your employer can file fraudulent claim charges against you. On the other hand, you will be eligible to receive more benefits if the illness or injury is a result of the employer’s willful or serious misconduct or negligence.

The eligible injuries and illnesses that are covered under the worker’s compensation include burns, cuts, broken bones, mental issues and repetitive stress injuries.

Ask Your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Middletown, NY About The Next Steps If You Have A Work Related Injury

If you get injured or get an illness, the first step is to notify your employer and get immediate medical attention if needed.

Once the employer is notified, it is your responsibility to complete the claim form and submit it to the employer. You can also submit your claim form to the state’s worker’s compensation agency. The claim form to the insurance company is submitted by the employer and if there are no challenges or contests to your claim, the insurance company will pay the required medical compensation and any loss of wages. If your claim is contested by the employer then your lawyer can help you with the hearing to determine the appropriate compensation to be rewarded for the claim.

Discuss With Your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Middletown, NY About The Hearing Process

Workman’s compensation is a strict liability law, which means that the employee doesn’t have to prove that the injury or illness caused is due to a fault or negligence by the employer. Under workers compensation law punitive damages are not considered and the employee loses the right to sue the employer in court for negligence. Workers’ compensation hearings are administrative in nature and take place in a separate court system. Talk to your worker’s compensation lawyer in Middletown NY if your claim is challenged by the employer.

A worker’s compensation Lawyer Middletown NY can represent and protect your interests in case of a job related illness or injury. For more information, go to


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