How many doors do you have in your house? You have probably never counted because they are everywhere. You won’t think much of a door, but there are so many of them because they are among the most important components of your house. The most important function of a door is to provide access into a room, and the next important function is to provide security and privacy. For this reason most doors are built of strong, long lasting and opaque material, such as wood, steel and fiberglass.

Although doors are basically rectangular in shape, they are made of different materials and come in a variety of designs. Wooden doors can have elaborate and interesting designs, while vinyl doors are mostly drab and boring. Doors also have different purposes. Entry doors are made for security and elegance. Bedroom doors are made for security and privacy. Some doors are made to keep out dust and insects, and some are just for aesthetics. You can find all types of doors in Northern Virginia.

If you are thinking of replacing your old doors, then here are a few different types that you can choose from:

*     French door: This type of door has one or more transparent or translucent glass panel inside a metal frame. It is designed to allow sunlight to enter the room. It can be used in patios and verandahs.

*     Slab door: This type of door is made of a solid rectangular piece of wood or metal of a certain width. It is designed to provide security and privacy, and is used as entry door and bedroom door.

*     Sliding door: This type of door is made of two to four large glass panels (with or without metal frames) that slide horizontally on metal grooves to open and close. It provides easy access to a room or hall and can be used in patios and outdoor living space.

*     Bi-fold door: This type of door has hinged panels that fold into one another when opened. The panels are usually made of solid wood or metal, and glide on a track. It is usually found in closets and other places with limited space.

*     Flush door: This type of door is made of plywood fixed on top of a light timber frame, with the hollow part inside filled with the material used to make cardboard. Made to keep privacy, it is used for rooms inside the house.

*     Pedestrian door: This is a smaller door made inside a larger door so that a person can enter and exit a room without having to open the larger door.

Selecting the right type of door for your rooms shouldn’t be a difficult task. But is it always sensible to consult the experts as they know which type is just right for which room. If you are wondering where you can find one, there are many companies with expertise on doors in Northern Virginia who are eager to be of service to you.