Automated garage doors are electrically powered garage doors that are able to open and close without human intervention. These types of doors are very convenient since they can be opened by remote control. When you pull into your driveway, you do not have to walk out of the car to open them; you simply control the door from inside your car via a remote control.

A garage door opener is the electrical gadget fitted on the door and is responsible for closing and opening the door. Openers are sold and installed by installation technicians dealing with garage doors. These gadgets come with warranties depending on the particular brand and the company doing the installation. It is important to ask and confirm about the warranty before purchasing a garage door opener, Rochester MN since some may not have one.

There are a number of different garage openers available in the market. The different types can be chosen based on the design of the garage door, the budget and the weight of the door depending on how big or small it is. A good garage door opener, Rochester MN is able to last for a life time and do not require regular repairs for as long as they are subjected to proper operation.

One of the many types of garage door openers is the DC Motor Jackshaft; this is a garage door opener that is ideal for places with limitation in terms of space. They are very easy to mount and can be installed beside the garage door. They are able to offer closing and opening of oversized doors too. These is just one among the series of reliable garage door openers that can be able to serve for a lifetime, they also come with warranties upon purchase.

Another type of Garage Door Opener used today is the Chain Drive opener. This is specifically designed to work with heavy doors, and their construction features a ¾ Horse Power Motor that comes with a beam rail and a chassis supported bracket. This is a door opener that can offer reliable operating and is much stronger hence the use of heavy doors.

The final type of door opener that one purchases is the belt drive; this is a more silent door opener due to the use of rubber belts. They come with a battery backup, which means that even in the absence of electricity during those unexpected blackouts, the garage door can still be opened and closed. The standby power system makes it very reliable and convenient. It has advanced controls to allow the modification of speeds at which the door closes and opens. It is also very reliable and has been believed to be able to last a lifetime.


For a properly functional and efficient automatic garage door, it is important to ensure the right type of garage door opener is compatible with the weight and size of your garage door. Visit to find out more about garage door openers.


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