There aren’t as many educational facilities being built these days that install large floor areas of vinyl or carpet. That’s because there is a new type of floor that is becoming more and more popular. Poured floors are ideal for a number of reasons in schools and other learning institutions. Your poured floor Long Island experts discuss some of those reasons.

Smooth and Seamless

One of the problems of tile, vinyl and carpet floors is that they aren’t very easy to clean. In fact, they can be very difficult to clean and the process can take a lot of time. With vinyl and tile floors, small dirt particles and debris can fall into the seams and the cracks. Over time, those cracks and seams can begin to make the whole floor look dingy. But that’s not the case with a poured floor. These types of floors form one smooth surface free of joints and seams where dirt and bacteria can build up. This keeps the floors looking clean, but it also means they are safer and more hygienic than their counterparts.


More and more developers of educational facilities are choosing poured floors because of their versatility, too. These types of floors can be easily customizable based on the specific needs of the room or areas where they are going to be installed. Special products and sealants can be used on poured floors to help protect the materials from abrasions, extreme temperatures, damage from UV rays and more.

Textured Areas

Are there areas of a school where the floor should be textured for slip resistance? Many gym floors have a type of texture to them to help prevent accidents. It might also be helpful to have a textured flooring area in the kitchen, lab areas and restrooms. Some companies will offer flooring materials that use rubber aggregates. This helps create a texture and traction on the floors while still being seamless. But these types of floors also help with acoustics and even ergonomics.

Designing Options

Your poured floor Long Island experts want you to know that these types of floors can have nearly any design or pattern that you are looking for. You aren’t stuck with one color or one boring pattern. You can pick a design that matches the school’s atmosphere and one that is appealing to others. As well, you never have to remove the flooring to replace it due to its excellent longevity.

There are many reasons to choose a poured floor for your building. The experts at the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation can help you determine which type of floor is best for your needs. Check out your options on our website.