Chances are, if you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, you are unfortunate enough to have had it flood at one time or another. Even with the installation of a sump pump to help prevent flooding in your basement, you will occasionally have to deal with the consequences of your basement flooding for one reason or another.

When you first discover that your basement has been flooded, your first course of action should be to get rid of the standing water as soon as possible. When water is left standing or stagnant, it can become home to nasty bacteria and mold that can endanger your family’s health and well-being. Purchase a sump pump if necessary and install it properly. You may need to rent an industrial wet/ dry vacuum to get all the water off the floor.

Once the standing water is removed, you need to dry the flooring and walls when Cleaning. You can often let the surfaces dry on their own. Adding fans to keep the air circulating will help to dry the surfaces faster and eliminate the smells that come with a flooded basement.

Finally, you must get down to Cleaning Flooded Basement. If you have a lot of perishable things sitting on your basement floor, it’s time to assess the damage. You may need to haul quite a bit of your destroyed belongings away. If you can salvage your items you had stored, invest in plastic storage bins that will help protect your belongings from water damage.

You will want to rent or purchase a good quality pressure washer in order to remove any remaining bacteria and mold spores left by the flooding. Use a strong cleaner like bleach or ammonia (Choose one or the other but never both at the same time!) in your pressure washer and thoroughly wash your basement. Repeat the drying process before bringing any of your belongings back into the basement.

Having your basement flooded is an unpleasant experience, but doesn’t have to be a major inconvenience or an overly expensive experience. A prompt and thorough response and cleaning can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs later.

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