6532504_lWhen you see a little white mouse running around in a cage you can almost make yourself think they are cute and cuddly, just wait until your home is infested with them. Once they get in your home they reproduce quickly, invade your cupboards looking for anything they can eat and spread disease with their droppings that you find along the baseboards, in your cupboards and under the sink. To undertake Sacramento mice control you have two options; do it yourself or call for the professionals.

Before you can eliminate mice from your house you first have to understand their life. Mice are quite small and have very poor eyesight. They are attracted by foodstuff as well as bedding materials such as newspaper, attic insulation, etc. Mice can slip through a crack no larger than ¼ inch so entering your home in the first place is easy for them; they can slip under a door with little or no problem.

You will know you need to undertake Sacramento mice control when you see droppings and evidence of chewing, you may even see a mouse make a dash along the baseboards. Regardless of what signs you see, you have to deal with them right away. Knowing that they came from the outside, the first thing you have to do is to determine their entry point. Walk completely around your home; look for any cracks or gaps, especially the doors of an attached garage. Once you find the possible entry point, seal it completely.

The most effective method for the homeowner to use for mice elimination is a trap. There are at least three common traps available at any hardware store; a snap trap, glue trap or live traps. There are two ways to lay traps, one is un-baited and the other is baited. If you know the traditional pathway the mice are taking, this is usually evidenced by their trail of droppings, set several un-baited traps along their path. As their eyesight is poor, they will simply view these traps as unknown objects and are liable to enter.

If this method fails, try baited traps. Traps can be baited with a small bit of food or even better, use a bit of cotton or newspaper as they will not attract bugs. Check the traps every day and get rid of the mice completely. If, after a couple of weeks the problem persists, the professional Sacramento mice control is warranted.