If you have been waking up with itchy, red marks on your body, you may have a bed bug problem. Unlike other insects, these creatures bite in straight lines. They can be eliminated, but the first step is understanding the problem. Before deciding on a method of Bed Bug Removal Ellicott City Maryland residents should know:

THE CAUSE: One reason U.S. citizens may not be cautious about avoiding bed bug problems is that they have been fairly rare for many years. DDT and other chemicals controlled the bugs. Then DDT was banned, and the bugs adapted to treatments. At the same time, Americans began traveling in unprecedented numbers. Unfortunately, many areas of the world still have a serious bed bug problem, and the insects easily traveled back to the U.S. Once they got here, they easily adapted and spread. By the time they needed help with Bed Bug Removal Ellicott City Maryland homeowners were often overrun with the insects.

WHY ELIMINATION IS A PROBLEM: When they are searching for a method of Bed Bug Removal Ellicott City Maryland residents quickly find out that the bugs thrive in carpets, furniture, bedding, draperies, trim molding, and more. Females can lay 500 eggs in their lifetimes, so the bugs spread very quickly. They hide deeply in mattresses, and lay eggs in hard-to-get-at places.

HOME REMEDIES: When they realize they need Bed Bug Removal services Ellicott City Maryland residents often throw away any affected items. They scrub their homes thoroughly, sometimes several times. Many know that heat kills bed bugs, and put clothing and bedding into the dryer. Some people spray alcohol directly on surfaces. All of these methods reduce the problem, but none are guaranteed solutions.

PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL OPTIONS: Exterminators understand insect behavior, and can quickly locate and treat home areas affected by bed bugs. Modern pest control often uses methods that do not harm home residents and pets. Experts will ensure that the problem is solved and return until all bugs are eliminated.

Bed bugs are an old problem that is growing again in the U.S., primarily because travelers bring the bugs home. The insects are hard to get rid of, but home remedies can help; and professional pest control methods will eliminate them entirely.