When it’s time for air conditioning service or repair, there are many choices to choose from. When researching air conditioning companies in Glenview, there are several tips to keep in mind that will help a homeowner to gain the best service for the money spent. Air conditioning is a large part of modern life, and the technology improves every year. Informed consumers stand to be the most satisfied when making large home improvement purchases.

One thing that not very many homeowners know is that air conditioners work best when they are correctly sized for your specific home. A good contractor will not just sell one any unit. A technician needs to visit the home in order to assess its cooling needs. This will involve taking measurements. This process takes into account many variables about the home including windows, ceiling height, wall space, doorways, attics, and crawlspaces. The insulation type and ratings will be considered. The average climate of the area is important.

All of this information will be used to calculate the air conditioning needs of a home. This number is called a load calculation. The contractor needs to provide a copy of this to the homeowner. In fact, a potential buyer should obtain several of these numbers, as well as price estimates. At any point, the contractor should answer any questions or concerns.

While this process is being completed, the contractor may also need to inspect the duct system for an existing home. Ducts can develop leaks or become disconnected and damaged over the years. Sometimes they can be repaired, or they need replaced. It’s always a good idea to insulate the ducts as well. Air exchange is a critical aspect of maintaining the temperature in a home, so leaks must be sealed. Heat exchange outside to inside must also be minimized.

When buying an air conditioning unit, it’s best to but the most energy-efficient model that one can afford. Models are rated in by a SEER rating. Purchasing at least 16 SEER model is the best bet economically. This will save money on energy bills each cooling season.

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