Unlike home based appliances that preserve small amounts of food, commercial refrigeration in Minneapolis, MN, houses a ton of foodstuffs at some very critical temperatures. Likewise, these major appliances have a lot of traffic during their daily use which tends to make their efficiency even more important. Opening and closing cooler doors is the fastest way to lose the cold air you need to preserve your food stock. However, keeping your Refrigeration in Minneapolis, MN running smoothly will help to balance that loss.

Refrigeration units work very much like air conditioning systems. The run off a compressor or condensing system that pumps a refrigerant through a couple of coils. One coil works inside the insulated area to draw the warmth from the air and transport to an external evaporator coil. One or more fans circulate the internal air so the colder air will fill into lower areas keeping the whole room at the required temperature. Unfortunately, constant access can make these machines operate much harder than they need to which is why a regular maintenance program can be so important for protecting your appliances.

Routine maintenance for Refrigeration in Minneapolis, MN should touch on several points. First is checking the level of refrigerant in the cooling unit. If this refrigerant is too low then the system will struggle to do it’s job. If it’s too high then the system is under too much pressure which could cause unnecessary damage to the appliance. Other areas that are important include verifying the function of the fans and ensuring the coils are properly cleaned.

Some service companies offer their customers simple maintenance programs, but quality HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration) contractors such as Altemp Mechanical Inc pride themselves on the special maintenance programs they have. These programs are designed to save you time and money by preventing many possible problems before they occur. By troubleshooting your HVAC/R units they can avoid a lot of costly downtime and wasted products. Of course, some of the responsibilities belong to the owners as well. For example, if you notice oil seeping around the condensers or compressor systems you should notify you contractor immediately. Likewise, if any fans quit working you should contact the repair service as well.