HVAC unites are typically very reliable; however, from time to time issues can arise. Some of the problems may require a do-it-yourself repair, while others may require the services of a professional service, such as Rocky Top Air Knoxville TN. Some of the most common repairs that are done by this company are highlighted here.

Blown Fuses

Fuses are the portion of the equipment that protects the compressor in the motor from overheating. The fuses are located in the evaporator coil. When the motor of the HVAC system is suspected of going bad, the fuses will be one of the first things that are checked.

Worn Out Contactor

There are three different contractors in each HVAC unit. One is for the compressor, one is for the condenser fan motor and the other is for the blower motor. When there is a need to cool or heat a space the contactors will engage by creating an electrical connection. This will start both the motors and the compressors. Pitting and arcing can form on the actual contactor which makes it difficult for the current to pass and to start the specific motor.


Many times a Rocky Top Air Knoxville TN HVAC specialist will have to work on the capacitors in your unit. The run capacitor is the part of the device that helps the motors of the unit run at a constant rate and speed. The start capacitor is what is responsible for providing a brief surge of starting torque for your unit. If either of the capacitor becomes burned out, it will have to be replaced in order for the unit to operate properly.

Gas Valve

The gas valve is responsible for metering the gas that flows from the gas line to the actual unit. In some cases the gas valve can become corroded, in which case it will have to be replaced.

If you are having any issues with your HVAC unit, it is important to call a professional right away to repair the problem properly. This will also help to reduce the potential of future problems with the unit.