A chimney vents air from both a fireplace and furnace. It must remain open and free from combustible materials to perform its functions adequately. Blocked or damaged chimneys are a leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in homes. They should be cleaned and inspected once a year by a professional Chimney Sweep in Bethesda. At that time the sweep will make sure that the chimney structure is in good shape and that it is free from creosote. This is a combustible material that is a by product of burning wood. If it isn’t cleaned it will eventually lead to a fire. This annual report is known as a Level 1 chimney inspection.

If a new furnace or heating method is installed, a Level II chimney inspection is required. A Chimney Sweep in Bethesda will have to conduct a performance and pressure test in addition to the requirements of a Level I inspection. Often home buyers or banks will require this type of inspection. It might also be required after an external event such as a tree falling on a roof. If either of these inspections indicate a problem, then a more intensive Level III inspection will have to evaluate the structural integrity of the chimney. This is important because cracks in the chimney can allow carbon monoxide into the home. Water could also seep into the surrounding structure.

A Chimney Sweep in Bethesda can also keep a chimney safe by quickly removing a raccoon or squirrel that is attempting to nest in it. If a homeowner hears a squeaking or running sound in their chimney, they should call Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps immediately. This will minimize any damage. Some animals can actually chew threw the structure. Once the chimney sweep removes the animal and makes sure that the chimney isn’t damaged, they can install a cap or damper to prevent another animal from entering it. In addition to keeping animals out, the right damper can keep heat in. If more ventilation is required then the chimney sweep can install a exhaust chimney fan. In addition to fireplaces, these also work well with wood stoves.