Air conditioning systems are very complex devices. They contain a variety of parts including electronics for control, a compressor, a blower system and a series of coils for transferring heat. While the mechanics are pretty complex, the function is reasonably simple. The a/c picks up heat from inside the home and transfers it to a refrigerant using an evaporator coil. This refrigerant is then cycled outside the house and the heat is released through another coil. The only problem is the system occasionally breaks and requires AC Repairs in Mobile, AL.

Maintenance on these systems range from simple cleaning to replacement of parts when things break down. Whenever a customer contacts a company such as Business Name for a few AC Repairs in Mobile, AL the contractor must come out and analyze the system. Before this happens the customer should give the technician as much information as possible. For example, what type of noises did the a/c make? Were there any strange smells such as burning plastic or acrid smoke? Any information could make the diagnosis a little easier.

AC Repairs in Mobile, AL can run the gamut from simple control board replacements to swapping out the condenser motor or replacing the blower system. In some cases the technician may need to swap the thermostat or verify the wiring between the thermostat and the indoor cabinet where the control circuitry is located. Other problems can include leaks in the coolant lines or coils and degraded refrigerant that no longer carries the heat away.

Even the best AC Repairs in Mobile, AL can’t keep an air conditioner running forever. Eventually, your system will have to be replaced. When you get the new unit you may be tempted to go with a larger size because the older unit wasn’t keeping the home as cool as you would like. Try and avoid this urge by having the contractor calculate the actual size requirement for your home. Most modern, highly insulated homes work well with an a/c in the two to five ton range. However, homes that have elevated ceilings or extra large rooms may encounter a few problems keeping those areas properly cool.