Sewer rodding, or power rodding, is a service providing by professional plumbers that helps to clear out sewer pipe blockages. Some signs to look for if your sewer pipes are blocked include frequent water back up issues, flooding, foul odors coming from your drains, slow drainage, and flushing problems. Sewer Rodding in Evanston can be used as a preventative maintenance service as well as a sewer pipe cleaning service. What are some things that require power rodding?

Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to grow and are very strong parts of a tree. Roots from trees can infest your sewer line, causing clogs and blockage over time. The biggest problem with root growth is that is is a constant issue that is only remedied temporarily by sewer rodding. Sometimes chemicals are used to prevent this from happening or you may have to remove the tree to prevent future plumbing problems. Rodding can become a constant service that can help for a short time, but eventually, the roots are likely to cause the line to collapse which requires extensive repairs.

Toilet Problems

The toilet is designed for flushing only human excrement and toilet paper. Flushable wipes are also acceptable in most instances. However, conventional baby wipes, diapers, sanitary feminine products, Q-tips, dental floss, paper towels, and facial tissues are not intended for flushing. Sewer lines are not designed to process anything that is not flushable. Believe it or not, many instances of Sewer Rodding in Evanston are needed to unclog what people flush down their toilets.

Sewer Line Issues

Sagging or collapsed sewer lines are cause for professional sewer services. Rodding in these cases is only a temporary fix since the pipes will eventually need to be replaced. Sewer Rodding in Evanston is only good for clearing the line of blockages, and is not a repair for faulty pipe installation or compromises in the pipe lines.

These are a few instances where power rodding can clear your lines and allow for better waste removal from your home. Drain problems and clogged lines often require Sewer Rodding in Evanston. When you choose a quality plumber, you can expect them to recommend other solutions that are permanent as opposed to temporary as well as sewer rodding for preventative measures where no serious issues exist. Almighty Rooter Sewer and Plumbing provides these quality services in Chicago and surrounding areas.

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