If you own a school, then you will understand the importance of having quality bathroom equipment. All too often, students shower after the gym so you need to make sure you have some showers installed if you want to keep your students happy. You should also consider installing a hair dryer, which can be used freely by students afterwards. No student wants to walk around with wet hair, and this will certainly be beneficial to your school as a whole.

Wall Mounted Fixtures

When you purchase your hair dryer, you should make sure that it is a wall mounted fixture. This way, it stays in the bathroom in one place and you don’t need to worry about it being stolen or vandalized. They look a lot like hand dryers, except they are especially made for drying your hair after a shower- making it easier than ever to match it into your existing set up. They are very easy to use and very easy to install, so very little maintenance is required after the initial set up. You simply press the button, and the drier starts automatically. Some dryers have an automatic shut off time, so you don’t need to worry about your hair dryer being left on after it has been used.

The Benefits

The best thing about having a hair dryer installed in your bathroom is that you can save your students a lot of time. You will also find that they are very energy efficient. A lot of students can dry their hair each day, and it won’t take long at all. The hot air blows out onto the hair and all they have to do is stand underneath it. You will also find that hair dryers are very affordable to purchase from a number of distributors. By purchasing your hair dryer from the same company you purchase your hand dryers from, you can save money as well as having a single support option if anything goes wrong with your appliances.

As you can see, having a hair dryer installed to your school bathroom could be very beneficial to the look of the bathroom and the students. They are very affordable to run, and your students will be sure to love it. Contact your online distributor today to find out more.

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