On the Florida coast, foundation cracking can be a common occurrence. With the sand constantly shifting beneath the foundation of your building, it is not surprising that foundations get damaged. Finding superb foundation crack repair in Panama City, FL can help you to restore any issues you may find. How will you know when your foundation is damaged? There are a few leading causes that are common in Florida.

Water Damage

Water is one thing that there is an abundance of on the coast of Florida. The problem with that is simple: water isn’t great for concrete. With most building foundations being constructed from concrete, you can see where the issue arises. Water can seep into the concrete and break it up, creating cracks and fractures that put your entire building in danger of damage or collapse. Foundation crack repair in Panama City, FL will help fix that damage.

Shifting Sand

Everyone who has ever walked or driven on sand can tell you that it is unsteady and constantly shifting. This can be incredibly bad for your foundation. When sand shifts, it can create voids where there hadn’t previously been, causing parts of your foundation to sink. It can also have the opposite effect, where sand builds up in certain spots, causing the foundation to shift upwards. Often times, this can occur at multiple points in your foundation at the same time. This creates weakness in your foundation that may result in cracking.


The presence of water at the beach can attract termites to your home. They will burrow into your home and eat away at the wooden supports for your foundation. This will cause weaknesses in the supports that can result in their collapsing and damaging the foundation. These beams will then need to be replaced by a company providing foundation crack repair in Panama City, FL.

Extreme Moisture Variations

Having a varied and exciting array of weather types is great for people, but not so much for foundations. Any extreme variation in moisture can be damaging to foundations. Too much water can be bad for concrete, but extreme dryness can be bad, too. A combination of the two opposites is terrible for concrete. The extreme variations can cause all sorts of trouble that leads to damaged foundations.

Identifying the leading causes of a cracked foundation can help you determine if your building is at risk. Once you identify your issue, you can seek out foundation crack repair in Panama City, FL to take care of any damage. Having your foundation repaired can save your building from disaster.

Foundation crack repair can save your structure from substantial damage today. Finding excellent foundation crack repair in Panama City, FL is a simple way to fix any damage and protect your building. Visit Beaches Construction in Panama City, FL.