As a simple homeowner or resident that is faced with the task of decorating the windows of a home, one of the most important considerations to make is that of fabric type. It may not seem like much at the moment but pair the wrong drapery fabric with the wrong tone of a room and you’ll quickly realize just how important the decision really is for one reason or another. A safe way to choose the proper fabric is to compare it to the feel of the throw pillows or furniture fabrics that occupy the space. The feel of your drapery fabric should be relatively close to the touch and weight as well. You want to make sure that your drapes have a fabric that is a tad bit lighter or directly coincides with the other elements in the room.

Expert Advice

If you’re baffled or confused regarding the direction you should take with your drapery fabric, enlist the services or advice of an experienced designer. This person will possess first-hand knowledge on what works and what clashes in regards to the fabrics you like. There is a great avenue that accompanies experience when purchasing the best fabric because it allows you to utilize resources that only the expert may be familiar with and this can save you money overall as well. Seeking expert advice can prevent you from making those embarrassing fashion mishaps that can easily occur with improper fabric installation.

Textile Tones

The quality of the fabric is of course a major contribution to the presentation factor of the drapery fabric as well. Textiles are available in printed, silk and other lightweight fabrics that complement the room and help to complete the desired look. The most sought after drapery fabric is that of a printed or woven material and it works wonders in several different settings that create various types of styled looks. The textile and texture of the fabric helps to translate the personality approach that the room should reflect. These treatments are meant to add a splash of character and charm while creating a very subtle look in the space of which they appear. Textiles and attention to the fine details are what’s important in the selection of drapery fabric for your next pair of drapes. Drapery fabric can be found in a variety of tones and several different places which makes the style options absolutely endless.

Drapery fabric is an easy design tactic that many designers use to improve the style of a space. Wolf Gordon is familiar with the wide variety of fabric options there are for drapes.