A leaking roof can be a real problem, especially when the leak goes undetected for a long time. Long-term leaks result in excessive rot of the roof structure and decking materials. Sometimes, this can be avoided by having the roof inspected. Unfortunately, most people put this off until it is too late. Once the leaks get bad enough, the only solution is Roof Replacement Columbia MO. There are two basic types of roof replacement. One is replacing the top covering, which is useful when the structure of the roof is still intact. The other option is a complete tear-off, which typically involves replacing the decking and any joists or rafters that have been damaged.

The roofs of buildings & come in several types. The most common ones are the low-pitched roof, known as a flat roof, and the steeply sloped roofs typically seen on houses. Surprisingly, they are somewhat similar. Both roofs have structural support covered with a decking material and some sort of water resistant covering. For many decades this was usually an asphalt based product, such as the asphalt shingles found on most homes. Asphalt became popular because it provided a low-cost product that could last for many years, and also because it is reasonably easy to maintain and repair. The downside to asphalt is it doesn’t age well. For instance, with too much sunlight and time the asphalt will dry out and fade. The aging has a tendency to make any repairs quite obvious.

An alternative to traditional roofing products is metal roofs. Certain metals, such as copper and bronze, have been in use as a roofing material for centuries, but these products can be very expensive for the average homeowner. Lightweight steel, however, provides an inexpensive option that any homeowner should be able to afford. Steel roofing is a galvanized product that can usually survive fifty or more years on your home. It can even be used before your current roofing fails. By installing steel roofing over existing shingles you actually gain some extra protection. Plus, steel roofing emulates almost every roofing material imaginable which makes it a great option for any roofing project.

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