Floor Covering is a term used to describe materials that are applied on the floor to provide a walking surface. The materials used are either made of textiles, felts, natural, or man-made constituents. They often provide durability, comfort and can be used as a floor decoration.

Classification and Importance of floor covering

These floor covers are classified as carpets, rugs, and resilient flooring (i.e. Linoleum or vinyl). You can choose any of them depending on your preference and budget.

Keep in mind that the floors of any houses or buildings are usually the first thing to suffer the effects of our daily activities. One can see the wear and tear that will reflect after a year or so. Hence, it is important that prior to the construction of your floor, you must invest wisely as to what materials you should use that have the capability to keep up with your daily life. Although it is expected that there will come a time when your floor needs maintenance work, if the floors installed in your homes or buildings are of good quality, you won’t be doing it any time soon.

Floor covering can help make your floor last longer. Since they are laid on top of your floor, they can help provide durability. In addition, they come in various designs. Therefore, making your floors look posh and stylish. They are also easy to maintain.

Factors to consider when choosing floor covering

  • Functionality: Each room of your house or building functions differently. There are areas that have a high flow of traffic and low flow of traffic. Areas that have a high flow of traffic are the ones that are frequently used by individuals such as the reception area of a building; whereas low flow of traffic are areas where individuals don’t use it as frequently as they should such as the conference room of a building.
    Since each room has different functionality, the coverings you should be using should depend on its usage. For areas that have a high flow of traffic, it is advisable to use floor covers that are sturdy, durable and have the capability to withstand such usage.
  • Installation: How these coverings of your floor are installed matters a great deal as to whether they would last longer or not. If they are not installed properly, the tendency of the floors is to become easily damaged. Hence, you would end up replacing them again, which could mean an added cost on your part.
  • Maintenance: There are coverings that need a high amount of maintenance. Therefore, you have to set aside a budget for its preservation if you want your floors to always look new.

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