Ottawa Landscaping is a far more affordable option when compared to adding an addition or remodel to your home. When living space seems to be at a minimum in your home, creating a lovely outdoor space with custom Ottawa landscaping and interlock designs will offer a much needed spot for peace and quiet as well as the perfect place to entertain.

Warmer Fall and Winter

Although global warming is a bad thing, it does provide you warmer weather to utilize your outdoor space for more months of the year. When working with an Ottawa landscaping designer consider all of the details you can add to make enjoying the Ottawa fall and winter possible. For example you can discuss the addition of a lovely fire pit that will burn warm and lovely on beautiful fall evenings. With comfortable seating friends and family can snuggle under the stars, roast marshmallows and sip warm drinks or brandies after dinner.

Formal Dining

If your home is too small to accommodate a formal dining room, build a permanent structure under which you can place a dining table and chairs to throw lovely dinner parties. Design a lovely custom interlocking patio floor perfect for an additional warming outdoor rug as well as an elegant chandelier. You can then use your outdoor space throughout most of the year with the addition of some warming outdoor heaters.

Build Around Garden Features

One of the most natural looks to combining Custom Interlocking & Landscape Design Ottawa homeowners seek is to build around garden features. For example if your backyard has a stunning, mature tree work with it as a stabilizing feature and focal point. Consider building a circular retaining wall that can also act as seating with an interlocking brick floor design and additional retaining walls to create a private area with Ottawa landscaping details such as flower beds, grasses or colourful shrubs. This will create a sheltered area that seems to appear organically in the space instead of looking forced.

Winter Wise Landscaping

Work with an Ottawa landscaping company that can choose winter wise plants such as tall and attractive glasses that will provide interest and movement in your garden throughout the winter months. Grasses look stunning when the snow falls with their golden plumes blowing in the wind. Firs, spruces, cedars and pines also add a majestic look ideal for winter with their evergreen leaves and needles.

Companies such as Apprize Landscape Design can provide you with the Ottawa landscaping you need to create stunning outdoor living space. You will be able to combine the custom interlocking & landscape design Ottawa homeowners need for perfectly planned gardens with year round appeal.

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