The prospect of taking an older piece of furniture and transforming it into a functional and attractive piece is exciting. As part of the process, it pays to consider different options for Upholstery in Greenwich. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing those options.

The Purpose of the Piece

It always helps to think of how the furniture will be used in the home. Will the piece serve a more decorative purpose, perhaps as a way to dress up a front hallway? Maybe the piece is intended for use in a spare bedroom that is only used once or twice each year. For pieces of this type, the opportunity to use some kind of Upholstery in Greenwich that is more decorative than resilient will work nicely. You can get more information at

When the goal is to recover a piece that will see a lot of uses daily, it helps to strive for something that will easily hold up to plenty of wear. This will mean paying at least as much attention to how easily the material can be cleaned and what it takes to remove stains without fading the color or damaging the fibers.

The Texture of the Material

When selecting any type of Upholstery in Greenwich, always take the time to consider how it feels against the skin. Is the surface smooth and pleasant to the touch? Does it retain warmth with ease, making it a good fit for colder days? If the feel and texture of the upholstery leaves a lot to be desired, take that as a sign to move on to the next possibility.

Colors and Patterns

While the upholstery does have to be practical, it must also look beautiful in the eyes of the homeowner. When considering the merits of any color or pattern, stop to think how well it will go with the other elements in the room. More importantly, consider how the use of that color or pattern will alter the look of the other elements. For example, if the new upholstery picks up a color that is already used in a few spots around the room, adding that upholstery to a sofa would certainly make that color stand out more prominently in the space.

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