Before you can even consider starting the water damage clean up in Philadelphia you must find the source of the water and stop it. As long as the water keeps coming in there will be greater damage caused. Once the source has been identified and the water is stopped, the work on water damage assessment and the eventual repair can commence. Start by removing everything from the house that was affected by the flood, get rid of the water and dry the area. It may be necessary to pump the water out if it was a significant amount; otherwise wet-dry vacuums or even towels can do the job. Drying it is a matter of air flow, lots of it. Get as many fans as you can and direct the air on to the affected area, if the house is air conditioned, turn it on as it will dehumidify the air.

Once the area is clear of furnishings and as dry as possible, damage assessment can begin. Depending on the damage it may be something that can be done by the homeowner, if not, the professionals must be called in. Professionals in water damage clean up in Philadelphia are usually needed if the water damage is extensive or if mold has begun to take hold.

The damage can come from many different sources; it could be a broken water pipe, a leak in the roof or a backed up sewer. If the weather has been terrible, the chances of flooding are always a present danger, especially in low lying areas. Whatever the cause, it needs to be identified and repaired. If it was a flood caused by nature, all you can do is clean up and repair the damage, if it was a fault in the home a plumber or roofer may need to be called in.

Once all of the preliminaries have been taken care of, a review of the amount of water damage clean up in Philadelphia as well as repair needs to be done. If the damage is wide spread, call your insurance company right away and have an adjuster come to the home. Take plenty of pictures of the damage, even before you start moving out the furnishings. If the insurance company is of the opinion that the damage is beyond the capabilities of the homeowner they will suggest that a team of professionals be brought in. In many cases the insurance companies have a list of recommended professionals.