If you want an excellent result from your home renovation project there are a few key steps that should be followed. The first step in any Chicago home renovation is planning, other tips to ensure the result you want include budgeting, applying for the necessary permits and of course, choosing a great contractor to do the work.

Planning a complete renovation of a home is something that should not be rushed. A clear reason for doing the work will act as a guide, ensuring that the decisions that are made are all the right ones. If, for example the objective is to create more space for a growing, active family then every room can be looked at separately but not losing sight of the overall goal and how you will get to it. Nothing helps more than to talk to people who have completed a home renovation or are right in the middle of doing one, talking to people who have lived through the experience can help you avoid mistakes which end up costing money and driving up the total cost. Having spoke to people with a recent experience can help you with your initial budgeting process; this is an essential component of a successful job. Once the estimates have been prepared and a budget developed for the project, don’t stop there. Keep an accurate record of actual costs vs. as the project progresses; you can often put a stop to an overrun if you know about it in time.

When you reach the stage where you are going to hire a contractor, don’t go strictly on the quoted price and experience. Ask for references and by all means contact these people that have dealt with the candidate company in the past, ask what they thought of their skill and overall competence as well as service. The better Chicago home renovation contractors will have a portfolio of their work both before and after the job.

A full house renovation invariably takes longer than the most careful planning can estimate. This being the case it is important that you prepare plans for alternative living accommodations. Although it is possible to stay in the home while the project is underway it is not going to be comfortable. When you budget for eating and residing outside the home during the project, add a little to take into account any delays if they do occur.

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