Even if you are not shopping for furniture, you never know when you are going to find the perfect chair or table for your home. However, unless you buy an entire new living room or bedroom set, your perfect find may be of a different style than the furniture you currently own. Fortunately, you can blend different furniture styles together so they not only complement each other, but so that your home looks as if a professional decorator purposely bought them for your house.

Blending Furniture Styles

Whether you are moving in with your significant other or you cannot resist buying a chair you saw from one of the furniture distributors in Miami, you can mix and match furniture styles and have your house look great. Eclectic styles are fashionable and these tips can help you learn how to blend different styles of furniture.

Two of the Same

One way to effectively blend different furniture styles together is to have two of the same styles in the room. It doesn’t have to be two of the same pieces of furniture, although you can do that, but if your mixing contemporary with antiques, have two pieces of contemporary furniture in the room. They will complement each other and help balance the room.

Space Complementary Styles

When you purchase a new piece of furniture from furniture distributors, evenly space the same styles throughout the room. For instance, if you have two contemporary pieces of furniture in the living room, space them out to help balance the room. You can space them so each piece is against a different wall or you can place them in a semi-circle with another piece of furniture between them.

Use Color for Balance

Even if they are different styles, if you have two or three pieces of furniture of the same color in a room, they can help create balance. Don’t clump the colors together, but space them throughout the room. Place the pieces opposite each other or against different walls so they help pull the room together.

Work in Pairs

Place two of the same type of furniture together in the room if you bring in a different style. For instance, if you buy a contemporary piece of furniture from furniture distributors, put your two existing chairs or sofas together in the same area. When the two pieces are put together, it will look as if it is a purposeful design, which will help balance the room.

You needn’t replace your entire living room or bedroom set to make your current and new furniture pieces fit well together. These tips for blending furniture styles will help you create a beautiful room that anyone will envy.