While the bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in a house, it is a room that families and – to a lesser extent – friends frequently use. When performing Bathroom Renovations in New York City, the goal should be to make the area more attractive and easier to use. In some instances, it means spending a good amount of money and others not so much. Here are some tips for bathroom remodeling, taking into account the aesthetic and the functional aspects of bathroom design.

Bulky Tips

Saving space is a particularly relevant issue for small bathrooms, but saving space can be useful for bathrooms of all sizes. One tip is to install a wall toilet as opposed to a traditional floor toilet. Wall toilets have their tanks built into the walls of the bathroom, creating about 9 inches of extra bathroom space. In addition, wall toilets add leg room below the toilet and see their ‘floating’ design as more attractive than standard toilets. In addition to physically creating more space in a bathroom, you can remodel a bathroom to give it the appearance of being larger. Tips include the installation of floor to ceiling closets, large mirrors hung unframed and incorporating continuous horizontal lines in the design of the room.

Tips to attach elements together

Even if a bathroom is spacious and seems spacious through visual space saving, space is not necessarily an indicator of a well-balanced, well-designed elegant bathroom. Fortunately, there are remodeling tips that can help you tie elements in a bathroom together. For example, if you install new fixtures such as taps, shower heads, knobs and handles, choose a single material such as stainless steel or brass and stick with it throughout the renovation project. Another Bathroom Renovations in New York City tip is to join a decoration theme, such as vintage or contemporary. For example, all the furniture in a vintage bathroom could have a distressed or aged finish.

Putting together the perfect bathroom renovation is not easy; it takes a huge amount of hard work and time. You can perform said remodel yourself, but it is crucial that a professional give you tips along the way. Click Here to learn more.