Grass cloth wallcovering has seen a major resurgence in recent years. While it has always been seen as one of the more unique wallcovering options, many property owners saw that the disadvantages of them far outweigh what they offer when it comes to their visual appeal.

If grass cloth is something that you feel may fit your style, there are a few things that you should know before going with this type of wallcovering:

Maintenance Differs From Other Wallcovering

One of the biggest differences between grass cloth wallcovering and other options is with the maintenance process. Unfortunately grass cloth can only be cleaned by vacuuming, which can create a bit of a dilemma in rooms with high ceilings. While they are most often used in rooms with low ceilings where this is not much of an issue, they are probably not a very good idea in any area of your home or business where vacuuming them would not be a reasonable option.

It is Not Designed to Be Matched With

Another interesting tidbit about grass cloth is that it is not designed to be matched with furniture or other property accessories. Instead, it is designed to provide a unique look that can be attractive in the right circumstance. It should also be mentioned that there are dyed options that are not natural grass cloth and can sometimes match in certain areas. A lot of home and business owners like to use the dyed version on top of a molded portion of a wall.

They Can Be Damaged Easily

It is generally not considered to be a good idea to place grass cloth wallcovering in areas like hallways that are receiving constant traffic throughout the day. This is due to the fact that they can be damaged easily when hit by something like a vacuum cleaner or even the side of a foot. They are best used in areas where they will mainly serve as backdrops in areas where foot traffic is at a minimum.

The Final Word

While this article mainly outlines the negatives associated with grass cloth, it is important to understand the issues that you will face when going with this visually appealing natural material. You can find out much more information about grass cloth and the many advantages and disadvantages of using it in your property by speaking to a professional distributor like WolfGordon.