For all the amazing perks people can indulge in when living in Hawaii, extra square footage in their property is probably not one of them. Homes in Hawaii are small, and every bit of space matters. Futon Furniture in Hawaii is a fantastic option because futons are naturally versatile. They can fold up, extend out, and change the use of the room they are in pretty easily.

Futons are also not considered particularly “classy” or luxury, which brings their costs way down. They are about half the cost of an average sofa. Unless buyers stick to a specialty luxury brand, the costs are affordable. So what is the best kind of Futon Furniture in Hawaii? The best kind needs to be small in size, yet still have a nice whimsical design that fits right at home with Hawaiian decor.

The Loveseat Futon

A loveseat is small. It is almost always twin or full-size bed when extended. They are a lot smaller than many of the other more traditional styles of the futon. They also only use two pieces, as opposed to a three-piece futon. Loveseats are sometimes considered a little too casual. But, for Hawaii, that is hardly a concern.


The three-piece futon is known as a trifold. But, the trifold is worth noting because it is surprisingly adept in small spaces. The futon may take up a little more room than a typical loveseat futon when it is extended out. But, it takes up a very small amount of space overall. That is because the mattress actually folds in thirds. It can be a bit clunky, so buyers should always observe how the futon folds up and extends out. But, it takes great advantage of the allocated space in a small room, especially when it is folded up into a small confined couch.

Creative Furniture offers many great futons, from sprawling couches to tiny loveseat styles. Futons are fun and sufficient. In Hawaii, they are often necessary to fit a bed and a couch into the same room. Many people who live in Hawaii want to mix the extravagant and tropical with the practical.