Does your home have a crawl space? While it may be convenient for storing items that you don’t use often, it can also be quite detrimental to your home. It is easy for water to seep through and cause moisture problems that could lead to serious foundation issues or even dangerous mold and mildew. Luckily, by keeping a few tips in mind and using crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC, protecting your home is easier.


Create Exterior Drainage Options

Exterior drainage is important to protect your crawl space and the rest of your home from water. This is especially vital if your home is on damp soil or if you live near a lake, river, pond or another body of water. Exterior drainage involves adding a waterproofing agent around the concrete, a clean gravel base that is as deep as the foundation footing and finally, a tile draining system to surround the footing. This should be covered by more gravel and topsoil.

Use a Vapor Barrier

If high humidity or low air quality are a problem in your basement area, a crawl space vapor barrier can help. About 20 millimeters thick, a crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC, is puncture-resistant. The high-strength material prevents moisture from the soil from entering the crawl space. Similar to a swimming pool liner, vapor barriers are quite effective when installed by professional waterproofing contractors such as Dry Otter Waterproofing. Encapsulation is available for the floors and walls. If you prefer to ensure even more protection, you can do a full floor-to-ceiling encapsulation.

Keep the Air Dry

After you’ve created a sealed crawl space, it is important to keep the interior air dry. A dehumidifier will assist in keeping moisture out of the air and reduce ventilation of the crawl space. This is especially important to prevent mold, which loves moisture in the air. When allowed to settle, mold can cause respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms and even hospitalization or death in some people.

Get Regular Inspections

No matter how much you work to protect your crawl space and home from moisture, regular inspections are still important. As your house settles, it can open small cracks and crevices that make it easier for moisture to enter through. By having regular inspections, you can catch small problems before they become serious issues.

Whether you have a single crawl space or a need for entire basement waterproofing, always hire a professional. A licensed contractor ensures your crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte, NC, is professionally installed and will last for years to come.

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