When thinking about hiring a House Cleaning Service, much consideration should be put into the process. The home is a private sanctuary, and great care needs to be taken on who is or is not let into it. Here are some tips to consider before the hiring process is completed.

  • When researching services, make sure to interview more than one company. Inquire as to if they always send the same person or if the staff comes on a rotational basis. This is because one needs to be comfortable with the person that will be in the home, usually unsupervised.
  • Make certain the company or individual doing the cleaning is insured and licensed. If they happen to break something in the house, will it be repaired or replaced? If someone is injured while in the home, who pays the medical bills? These are serious questions to take into consideration.
  • Ask the company or individual what the scope of the job that they will do is. Will they clean out the refrigerator and clean the stove? Ask what they are prevented from doing by OSHA rules. Are they allowed to use certain cleaners or certain tools such as stepladders? Do outside areas such as patios apply or is the job strictly indoors? This helps to prevent any disappointment in the job that is eventually completed.
  • It is considered good etiquette to inform the House Cleaning Service if pets are present in the home. This is because many people have allergies to pet hair or dander. The last thing one wants is a stranger sneezing all over the home and spreading germs.
  • Make sure the price is written in stone so that there are no hidden charges. These can add up to expensive surprises and potential turmoil.
  • Let the cleaners know if there are any rooms or areas that are off limits to them. Some people have rooms that they just do not want to be entered.

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