In Florida, lawn care and maintenance services improve the overall look of residential properties. The services eliminate common conditions that prevent grass from thriving and damage landscaping. Pests, fungus, and a lack of nutrients are common reasons that the grass becomes damaged. A local service provider offers Lawn Care in Wellington Florida now.

Fertilizing the Lawn

Fertilizer is vital for maintaining the health of the lawn. It is applied according to the schedule set up by the service provider. The applications provide adequate nutrients for the lawn to keep it healthy and prevent common issues. It is also applied in the winter to keep the roots healthy. The fertilizer is needed throughout the seasons to prevent browning and bald spots.

Managing and Eliminating Weeds

Weed killer is used to eliminating weeds and prevent them from taking over the lawn and landscaping. The lawn care specialists distribute the weed control products throughout the lawn. The treatment keeps the grass more aesthetically pleasing. It also prevents weeds from threatening landscaping and trees.

Controlling Fungus Development

A fungus could take over the grass and provide conditions that allow some pests to thrive. The developments could also lead to dangerous conditions for plants and trees. The lawn care specialists assess the fungus and distribute the right chemicals to remove these unwanted conditions quickly. The treatments prevent the developments from affecting the property, too.

Eliminating Insects that Affect the Lawn

Lawn Care services in Wellington Florida includes the extermination of unwanted insects. By treating the lawn for insects, the property owner enjoys their lawn more effectively. The homeowners avoid itchy bites and protect their pets from ticks and fleas. The services keep all insects from destroying the lawn and landscaping more proactively. The lawn and landscaping remain healthy and thrives.

In Florida, lawn care and maintenance services are available to residential and commercial property owners. The services include the distribution of fertilizer and treatments to improve the look of the lawn. The treatments eliminate unwanted pests and prevent serious damage to the grass, landscaping, and trees. Property owners who need to schedule Lawn Care contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida for more information now.