Siding is the first line of defense of your home against pests, water, and extremes of cold and heat, so when adding siding in St. Charles MO, it is important to ensure that the job is done correctly. You’ll want to consider the various materials of which siding is made, and of course you’ll want to hire the right contractor.

Siding can be made of a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, brick, wood, fiber cement, and vinyl, to name a few. These materials can have various advantages, such as resistance to insects, better insulation against temperature extremes, and different degrees of ease of installation. Vinyl siding is the type most commonly used; it tends to be relatively inexpensive and durable for the money. The final look of this type is heavily dependent on how well it is installed. Stone siding has a wonderful look but is expensive. In addition, the different materials lend themselves better to different design styles.

Aesthetics will be part of your decision about what to use for siding in St. Charles MO, but so will the climate; it’s a good idea to learn which types of siding handle well the temperature and humidity extremes of St. Charles MO. Another factor is what kind of neighborhood you live in; if you live in, for example, a townhome community, it is possible that your community might place restrictions on the types of siding you’re allowed to use on your home.

Yet another aspect to the decision of what siding to use is what the particular types require in terms of maintenance. Some types are difficult or expensive to fix if there is a breach in them; others might require periodic coats of paint or power washing.

In addition to siding, it’s a good idea to add insulation behind the siding as an extra buffer between your home and the elements; it will help the siding do its job more effectively.

Once you’ve decided what type of siding you wish to use, get written estimates from professional contractors for the installation. As with other home improvement projects, you will want to ensure that the contractor you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured. The pricing will depend on the material you choose as well as whether old siding needs to be removed and whether water damage underneath needs to be repaired. Asking prospective contractors who install siding in St. Charles MO the same questions will give you a balanced view of what they offer for the money so you can make the most informed comparison.

Whatever type of siding you choose, a professional installer of siding in St. Charles MO can help you give your home a lasting exterior finish that will protect your home for years.